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Shpangle Sitemap - Handmade Custom Jewellery

The purpose of this page is to assist with the navigation around our handmade custom jewellery website. If you are having difficulties in finding what you are looking for or need assistance in navigating around our website please contact us and we will be more than willing to help you.

Shpangle Jewellery Information Pages


The following pages provide information with our shopping policies and use of our website. They also provide additional infomation about our products and methods of contacting us or finding out more about our jewellery.

Trading Terms - Trading terms and conditions, ordering procedures and payment/delivery options.
Privacy Policy - This privacy statement discloses our privacy practises.
Shipping Policy - Postage methods, despatch times and postal rates.
Returns Policy - Our policy for returned goods.
Terms of Use - These terms of use govern your use of our website.
Website Links - Find out more about Shpangle Jewellery by following these links.
About Us - Read more about Shpangle Jewellery and how our jewellery is made.
Contact Us - Contact us via telephone, address, email or by the contact form.

Shpangle Jewellery Article Pages

The following pages provide further detail and inspirational ideas for our jewellery. They include further information about our keepsake jewellery (e.g. lock of hair, pet and horse hair jewellery), handmade custom jewellery (e.g. unique mothers day and valentines day gifts) and other persoanlised gifts such as our name on rice jewellery.

Personalised Name Jewellery - Name on rice jewellery - a name written onto a grain of rice.
Promotional Jewellery - Promotional jewellery for your club, charity or organisation.
Real Flower Jewellery - A real flower preserved into an item of jewellery.
Personalised Photo Jewellery - Jewellery personalised with a photograph of a loved one.
Unique Bridesmaid Gifts - Unique gifts for your bridesmaids for their special day.
Wedding Items Preserved - How we can preserve your wedding keepsakes and memories.
Wedding Keepsakes - Unique wedding keepsakes and favour ideas for the guests.
Lock of Hair keepsakes - Your loved ones, pet, or horse hair preserved as keepsake jewellery.
Unique Mothers Day Gifts - Unique Mothers Day gifts and personalised Mothers Day gifts.
Unique Valentines Day Gifts - Unique Valentines Day gifts and personalised Valentines Day gifts.
Fossil Dinosaur Poop Gifts - Fossil Dinosaur Poop Jewellery and Gifts.
Name on Rice Jewellery - How to Make Name on Rice Jewellery.
Ashes Keepsake Jewellery - Keepsake Jewellery for Ashes.
Custom Paperweights - Custom made paperweights.
Testimonials - Read what our happy customers have said about our jewellery.
Featured Jewellery - Find all the places our unique keepsake jewellery has been featured.
Horse Hair Testimonials - Lovely comments made about our horse hair jewellery.
Pet Hair Testimonials - Read the comments made about our pet hair jewellery.
Custom Jewellery Testimonials - Comments about our custom jewellery and keepsake jewellery.
Hair Keepsake Testimonials - Comments about our lock of hair keepsake jewellery.
Ashes Keepsake Testimonials - Comments about our keepsake jewellery for ashes.
Forum - A community forum for like minded jewellery makers.
Gallery - A gallery of previous custom jewellery commissions and designs.

Shpangle Jewellery Online Shop

The following pages are links to our online shop categories. Here you will find bespoke, handmade jewellery items, predominantly made using resin and all handmade by Shpangle Jewellery. Please note that all custom jewellery requests are made by contacting me rather than purchased through the online shop.


Handmade Brooches - Handmade resin brooches containing encapsulated objects.

Handmade Buttons - Handmade resin buttons containing encapsulated objects.
Handmade Charm Bracelets - Handmade charm bracelets containing encapsulated objects.
Handmade Cufflinks - Handmade resin cufflinks containing encapsulated objects.
Handmade Earrings - Handmade earrings containing encapsulated objects.
Handmade Keyrings - Handmade resin keyrings containing encapsulated objects.
Handmade Pendants/Necklaces - Handmade necklaces containing encapsulated objects.
Handmade Phone Charms - Handmade phone charms containing encapsulated objects.
Handmade Rings - Handmade resin rings containing encapsulated objects.

Shpangle Jewellery Gallery


The following provides links to galleries of our previous commissions and handmade custom jewellery makes. We have tried to categorise the jewellery into various themes; if you would like a piece of jewellery making that is similar to a previous commission or something new please contact us.

Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Candy - Jewellery containing real sweets.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Confetti - Jewellery with table confetti and wedding confetti.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Flowers - Jewellery containing fabric and real flowers
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Shells - Jewellery containing real shells.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Recycled - Jewellery containing recycled everyday obects.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Colour - Jewellery experimenting with colour and pictures.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Wedding Keepsakes - Custom jewellery as wedding keepsakes.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Agate - Custom jewellery incorporating Agate stones.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Cars - Jewellery containing VW campervans and cars.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Seed beads - Jewellery containing seed beads.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Lock of Hair - Lock of hair and pet hair/fur keepsake jewellery.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Photographs - Photograph Jewellery.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Promotional - Custom promotional jewellery commissions.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Name on Rice - Name on rice jewellery commissions.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Vegetable - Custom jewellery incorporating vegetables.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Horse hair Jewellery - Horse hair Jewellery, pony hair jewellery.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Pet Hair Keepsakes - Pet Hair Jewellery and keepsakes.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Personalised Jewellery - Personalised and engraved jewellery.
Shpangle Jewellery Gallery - Memorial Jewellery - Memorial jewellery with ashes.

Shpangle Jewellery News


We regularly update our website with the latest ranges of jewellery and unique gifts for special occasions. The following are some of the previous announcements made by us:

Cake Sprinkle Jewellery - Our latest range of jewellery incorporating 100s and 1000s.
Handmade Buttons - Our latest range of handmade buttons.
Unique Mothers Day Gifts - Ideas for unique gifts to give to Mum for Mothers Day.
Unique Valentines Day Gifts - Unique gifts to give to your loved one on Valentines Day.
Unique Christmas Gifts - Unique and personalised gifts for Christmas.
Custom Hanging Mobiles - Custom made hanging mobiles.
Custom made Buttons - Custom made buttons.