Unique Handmade Custom Jewellery

Jewellery made from Real Pressed Flowers

These unique jewellery items contain real pressed flowers, lovingly preserved within resin pendants. Nothing can be more beautiful than the natural beauty that a real flower provides and this natural beauty has been encapsulated and preserved forever within our unique handmade jewellery.

Each item of jewellery is individually handmade and contains real pressed flowers, preserved forever into a unique piece of jewellery. The following are a small selection of the handmade jewellery containing real flowers that can be purchased from our online Handmade Jewellery shop.

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Real pressed Fuchsia flower pendant / necklace
Real pressed daisy flower pendant / necklace
Real pressed flower pendant / necklace
Real forget-me-not flower pendant / necklace
Real pressed Viola flower heart necklace
Real pressed forget-me-not and daisy jewellery
Real pressed Viola flower heart pendant
Real pressed Violet flower pendant / necklace
Real Viola flower pendant / necklace
Real flower jewellery - Yellow flower necklace
Real Daisy flower pendant / necklace
Real Daisy flower jewellery

Real Flower Keepsake - Your Flowers Preserved in Jewellery

Alternatively why not have your favourite flower preserved into an item of custom jewellery. Your memories from a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday, anniversary or another special day captured forever. For an everlasting reminder of that special occasion, we can provide you with a unique gift or personal keepsake of having your flowers preserved forever.

Real Flower Jewellery

We can preserve your special flowers within either sterling silver or resin items of custom jewellery. The glass like and magnifying properties of resin jewellery really do show off the natural beauty of the flowers. The resin can also be coloured or a special message included such as a name or the date of your special occasion.

If you have an idea for a flower to be preserved into an item of jewellery or as a keepsake, please Contact Us and we will be very willing to help you.

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