Unique Handmade Custom Jewellery

Promotional Jewellery

Whether you represent an organisation, club or charity our promotional jewellery can be tailored to your advertising needs. Our range of promotional themed jewellery items can include your company logo or message set within an item of jewellery which can also be further customised to your advertising needs.

Promotional Jewellery

Our promotional jewellery items such as Keyrings, phone charms, pendants or cufflinks are handmade by Shpangle in the UK and can be personalised to your advertising needs. The promotional jewellery can be coloured, and as well as the company logo or message, other items can also be included to further personalise and promote your company or organisation.

We prefer to adopt a personal jewellery service so please Contact Us and we will assist you in producing promotional jewellery that will reflect your company values.

Shpangle - Handmade Custom Jewellery