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Personalised Name on Rice Jewellery

Name on Rice jewellery provides a unique and personalised jewellery gift of writing a message or name on a grain of rice. The Name on Rice jewellery is an ideal gift as it can be uniquely personalised for its recipients; with the addition of other small trinkets and memorabilia to the glass vial and of course the rice writing itself.

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Personalised name on rice jewellery
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Name on Rice Jewellery
Personalised name jewellery
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What is Name on Rice Jewellery?

Name on rice jewellery is based upon the ancient art of rice writing; the art and skill of writing small enough to fit a word or phrase on a single grain of rice. According to ancient legends, the writing on a grain of rice is thought to bring good luck, good fortune and also protection for its recipients. Today rice writing is thought to be one of the many wonders of the world.

The grain of rice is preserved within a glass vial containing oil; other personalised items and colour can also be included. The glass vial complete with silver plated jewellery cap can then be adorned as a Name on Rice necklace, pendant, charm or even a Name on Rice keyring or phone charm.

How is Name on Rice Jewellery Made?

The art of writing on a grain of rice is an ancient tradition that requires great skill and practice to be done well. Using an extremely fine-tipped pen, the artist writes a name or message on a single grain of rice. The grain of rice is then sealed within a glass vial containing preservative oil that also protects and magnifies the grain of rice. To make the Name on Rice jewellery even more personalised, other small trinkets and mementos can also be included within the glass vial such as birth-stones, small flowers, glitter and colourings.

If you would like to find out more about how the name on rice jewellery is made, please visit our website page How to Make Name on Rice Jewellery .

How to order Name on Rice Jewellery?

We prefer to adopt a personal approach to our jewellery, so if you are interested in having a Name on Rice jewellery item made for you, please Contact Us and we will work with you to produce an item of jewellery that is completely personal to you. Things to consider before requesting a Name on Rice jewellery item to be created for you are:

  • A typical cost for our name on rice pendants is £20 for a single sided name on a grain of rice including an 18" silver plated curb chain, small flower and/or birthstone, colouring, 1st class postage and gift box packaging..

  • The message or name is limited to nine characters for one side of a grain of rice; however other symbols can also be incorporated (for example a 'love heart' symbol can be used in place of the word 'love'.

  • Both sides of the grain of rice can be utilised with a name or message. So for example your name could appear on one side of the grain of rice and your friend or loved ones name on the reverse side.

  • Alternatively, our personalised name necklaces can be made to contain more than one grain of rice, with each grain of rice containing a different name. The glass vials containing the grains of rice could hold up to four grains of rice representing the names of you and your children or family.

  • The glass vial containing the grain of rice measures 25mm long and it is complete with a silver plated cap. This will be supplied with an 18 inch silver plated curb necklace chain, however if a different style/length of chain is required please let us know.

  • Other items can be added to the glass vial for decoration such as birth-stones, small flowers, glitter and colourings.
Personalised Name Necklace

Name on Rice Jewellery - History

The art of writing a name on a grain of rice originated in Ancient Turkey and India where artists who were previously skilled in making miniature paintings decided to turn their skills to making art with their ancient symbol of prosperity...Rice. During this time, people believed that anyone who had their message or name on a grain of rice could become extremely fortunate and prosperous; hence the tradition of giving rice art evolved.

Many years ago a man wrote two hundred letters onto a single grain of rice with a single strand of hair and today this is displayed within an exhibit at a very famous museum in Turkey.

Name on Rice Jewellery - Symbolism

Rice being the staple food in the Far-East clearly associates it with prosperity, fertility and good fortune. It is often said that the more rice one has, the more prosperous you are and in some cultures rice rather than gold is considered a symbol of wealth.

Since ancient times rice has been deeply symbolic of fertility and was often used during rituals as a sign of good luck and prosperity. The symbolic nature of rice led it to be incorporated into jewellery, mainly in the form of good luck pendants and necklaces. The writing of messages and names on a grain of rice further personalises these wishes of good luck to the recipients.

Name on rice Pendants/Necklaces

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