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Lock of Hair Preserved in Keepsake Jewellery

Lock of Hair jewellery is a unique and memorable way of wearing part of someone wherever you go. A lock of hair from your child, loved ones, pet or horse preserved forever into a piece of handmade keepsake jewellery...


As our lock of hair jewellery is bespoke and custom made to order, we have provided a contact form at the end of this page. If you wish to contact us about any enquiries or an order, we will ensure we contact you within 24 hours to discuss your custom needs.

Lock of hair pendant

Preserving a Lock of Hair from a Loved One, Child or Baby

Whether it is the first treasured lock of hair from a child or baby, or a lock of hair from a loved one to be kept close to your heart; at Shpangle Jewellery we can take a lock of your childs, loved ones or pets hair and preserve it in a handmade piece of jewellery or keepsake that will capture the memories of that special time forever, in a truly unique and special way.



Lock of baby hair keepsake

We will work with you every step of the way to create that perfect piece for you, and enable you to keep your precious memories close to you always. We are here to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact details below.


Pet Keepsake Gifts - Pet and Horse Hair Jewellery

Your pet or horse's hair preserved forever as a handmade jewellery keepsake gift...


If you are a pet owner, be it a dog, cat, rabbit, or even a horse, the pet hair can be preserved forever into a piece of jewellery allowing you to carry a special part of your treasured pet with you wherever you go.


The following are examples of pet hair keepsakes that have been previously commissioned by us. They include examples of horse and pony hair preserved in jewellery, dog fur and hair pendants and necklaces, and rabbit fur jewellery. All of these pet hair keepsakes were made as unique and ever-lasting keepsakes for their owners to treasure forever.

Our popular horse hair jewellery embedded within resin jewellery uses very little horse hair to create a stunning effect. Each strand of hair is individually placed and the pendant is built up in layers over several days to create the criss-cross effect.

Please place your mouse over the thumbnail image to see the full-size image of each pet and horse hair jewellery item.

Photo slide show
Horse hair Jewellery
Pony Hair Necklaces
Rabbit Fur Pendant
Dog Fur/Hair Necklaces
Dog Fur/hair pendants
Horse Hair Pendant
Horse Hair Necklace
Horse and Pony Hair Bracelet
Horse Hair Pendants
Horse Hair Keyring
Pet Hair and Fur Keepsake Bracelet
Sterling Silver Horse Hair Jewellery

Alternatively, please visit our gallery for examples and designs of horse hair jewellery, pony hair jewellery and jewellery made from other pet hair and fur previously commissioned by us.


If you would like an item of jewellery made with your pet's hair or fur please contact us (using the form below) and we will work with you to create a keepsake of your pet for you to cherish forever.

Types of Hair Keepsake Jewellery

At Shpangle, we offer two types of keepsake jewellery for encapsulating hair. Our special hand cast resin jewellery and our beautiful sterling silver jewellery.

Hand Cast Resin Hair Keepsake Jewellery

Our hand cast resin hair keepsake jewellery is similar to glass in appearance however will not break or shatter. The jewellery can be made into many shapes and sizes and coloured as required.

This type of jewellery is suitable and can be used for pendants, keyrings, bracelet charms or kept as a keepsake to your loved one or pet.

The heart shaped pendant measures approximately 30mm (l) x 27mm (w) x 10mm(d).
The teardrop shaped pendant measures approximately 45mm (l) x 25mm (w) x 10mm(d).

A typical cost for our hand cast resin pet hair jewellery is £30 including an 18" sterling silver curb chain, tracked postage and jewellery gift box packaging.

Hand Cast Resin Horsehair Jewellery

Sterling Silver Hair Keepsake Jewellery

With our sterling silver hair keepsake jewellery, the lock of hair or fur is set against a sterling silver oval pendant backing. The jewellery set on a silver backing can also take the form of charms for bracelets, rings and cufflinks.

A typical pendant measures 25mm x 18mm and the hair would be sealed within resin onto a sterling silver backing. This pendant can also be engraved on the back with a name and/or message if required.

Sterling Silver Hair Keepsake Jewellery Engraved Keepsake Jewellery

A typical cost for our sterling silver lock of hair pendants is £35 for an engraved sterling silver pendant including an 18" sterling silver fine curb chain, tracked postage and gift box packaging.

How to Order Hair Keepsake Jewellery

Our hair keepsake jewellery is custom made and is therefore not available to order through our online shop. Please contact us (using the form below) to discuss your exact requirements to ensure you receive the best possible solution for your needs. We are open to suggestions if you have a particular design in mind and we will make every effort to accommodate your requirements.

Very little hair or fur is required to create a stunning effect with our keepsake jewellery. For horse hair jewellery we require approximately two inches of either tail or mane hair. For all other pet hair, fur and locks of hair, sufficient hair is required to fill the area of the desired items of jewellery.

The hair should be sent to our contact address enclosed within a small paper/card or foil wrap. For sentimental reasons we ask that any hair or fur that is sent to us is only a small sample of what you have.

Once an order has been completed the finished piece will be gift boxed to ensure it arrives to you in perfect condition. The following example shows a hair keepsake that has been mounted on ribbon as an alternative to an item of jewellery.

Keepsake Jewellery Presentation

Payment can be made via paypal or cheque prior to receiving your item of keepsake jewellery, and it usually takes us around 3-4 weeks to complete jewellery from receipt of the hair or fur. You don't need a Paypal account to pay using Paypal, it is just a secure method of payment by card.

International orders are most welcome.


Contact Shpangle Jewellery

Please contact Mick by telephone, email or by the contact form below for enquiries or orders for hair keepsake jewellery.


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