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Fossil Dinosaur Poop Jewellery and Gifts

Our fossil dinosaur poop range of jewellery and gifts has been developed to provide a fun, educational, tactile and elegant range of jewellery for both adults and children of all ages. These unique gifts are fossils formed from millions of years ago and would make the ideal gift for the Dinosaur enthusiast, or those looking for something unusual.

Fossil Dinosaur Poop Gifts - Coprolite Jewellery

Our range of fossil Dinosaur Poop gifts incorporates real fossilised Dinosaur poop. Each piece is completely unique, and comes with its own certificate of authenticity, so you can be sure you are getting a genuine piece of Prehistoric Dino dung history.

The specimens of Dinosaur dung (or Coprolites) are marine reptile poop from the Jurassic period 148-170 million years ago! Despite the fact that these are dinosaur poop pieces from millions of years ago, these are quite special, and have their own sense of elegance.

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Poop Gifts - Fossil Jewellery - Dinosaur Jewellery

Fossil Dinosaur Poop Gifts - Where did the poop come from?

The Dinosaur poop incorporated into these items of jewellery came from the Ichthyosaur. The Ichthyosaur was a huge Jurassic marine reptile quite similar to a large fish or dolphin. Also known as 'fish lizards' the Ichthyosaur ruled the oceans during the Jurassic period in the same way as the dinosaurs ruled the land.

Discovered on the Dorset coastline in the UK the Dinosaur poop trace fossils used for our Dinosaur poop jewellery and gifts were collected at Lyme Regis, Dorset UK.

So when this Ichthyosaur was doing its number two, little did it know that millions of years later it would be made into a truly unique gift!

Dinosaur Jewellery - Ichthyosaur

Dinosaur Poop Jewellery - Health Benefits

The organic matter from the Dinosaur poop has fossilized over millions of years and then crystalised to form the mineral Marcasite, sometimes called white Iron Pyrite (Iron Sulphide - FeS2).

The Marcasite mineral/metallic crystal is used in Reiki healing to re-align and to balance the Chakras and used primarily for the base Chakra. Thought to be one of the most grounding of all stones, Marcasite is thought to help with mental clarity, concentration, memory, practicality, confidence and will power and the Egyptians also used Marcasite to calm hysteria and anxiety.

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