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About Shpangle - Handmade Custom Jewellery

Hi , my name is Mick Cluley and I am the jewellery designer and maker for Shpangle Jewellery.

I live with my gorgeous supportive wife Angela and son Braden in Hinckley, Leicestershire. I design and hand produce my unique resin jewellery from our home.

Shpangle - Handmade Custom Jewellery

Having always had an interest in taking everyday objects and turning them into pieces of art, I began using resin as a preservative and medium to form my jewellery. Resin is such a good material to work with as it enhances the colours and textures of objects placed within it.

I am especially interested in working with recycled objects, in fact anything that does not move usually gets put into my jewellery !

My main enjoyment comes from making custom jewellery, taking special items such as wedding flowers or a lock of hair and having them preserved in an item of jewellery. This gives me a great deal of satisfaction particularly knowing that I am helping sombody to create an item of keepsake jewellery that they will treasure forever.

I am extremely proud to have had my jewellery featured in many publications including radio interviews and even a short film. If you would like to read more about where my jewellery has been featured please visit our Featured Jewellery website page.

Handmade Custom Jewellery - How it is made

The majority of our handmade custom jewellery is currently resin based. The resin starts life as a liquid and cures over a period of days to a clear glass-like appearance. The resin jewellery will not break or shatter when dropped, has a long lasting appearance and can be cleaned with water.

Currently we have three types of jewellery that offer different methods of preserving keepsakes within handmade custom jewellery.

Hand Cast Resin Keepsake Jewellery

Our hand cast resin keepsake jewellery is cast using moulds and we have many sizes and shapes that can be seen in our website shop and gallery. These are suitable for three dimensional objects such as dried flowers used for real flower jewellery and other small keepsakes or objects that need to be given a three dimensional appearance.

Examples of hand cast resin keepsake jewellery include our real flower jewellery, preserved wedding items and wedding keepsakes and our popular horse hair jewellery.

Real Flower Jewellery
Horsehair Jewellery

The keepsake jewellery is cast using resin which starts life as a liquid and cures over a period of three to four days to form an item of jewellery that is glass-like in appearance. The resin jewellery is built up in layers and the resin can be coloured, glittered or other dry objects added as required. Once cured our hand cast resin jewellery is then sanded and polished and then drilled to incorporate any jewellery findings that are required.

The process of creating custom jewellery based upon this method of jewellery making takes approximately five to seven days to complete.

Sterling Silver Keepsake Jewellery

Our sterling silver keepsake jewellery consists of a slightly cupped pendant or charm bezel upon which a keepsake object is displayed and sealed with several coatings of resin. The sterling silver bezels are available in several pendant and charm sizes, cufflinks and rings.

Examples of sterling silver keepsake jewellery include our real pressed flower jewellery, preserving hair in our lock of hair keepsakes, and our wedding keepsakes for the groom, cufflinks made from the Bride's wedding dress material.

Hair Keepsake Jewellery
Wedding Dress Cufflinks

The sterling silver keepsake jewellery is suitable for flat objects such as real pressed flowers, locks of hair and fabric. The keepsake object is placed within the bezel cup and resin applied and built up in layers over a period of two to three days to form a dome. The resin is then left to cure for a further two days and polished to leave a glass-like appearance to the jewellery.

The process of creating custom jewellery based upon this method of jewellery making takes approximately five days to complete.

Name on a Grain of Rice Jewellery

Our name on rice jewellery is based upon the ancient art of writing a name or message onto a single grain of rice. The art of rice writing takes a lot of time and patience to master and the resultant keepsake is unique and very personal to the wearer.

The grain of rice is set within a glass vial containing oil that preserves, magnifies and allows the rice to move around freely within the vial. The glass vials can be plain or decorated and other objects such as small flowers or birth stones added as required.
Name on a grain of rice jewellery
The process of creating custom jewellery based upon the art of writing a name on a grain of rice takes approximately two to three days to complete.

Thank you for having an interest in my jewellery; if you would like a piece of custom jewellery making or an item preserved as a piece of keepsake jewellery, please contact me...
Shpangle - Handmade Custom Jewellery