Unique Handmade Custom Jewellery

Handmade Custom Jewellery - Unique Keepsake Gifts

Shpangle Jewellery specialise in preserving your items and memories in unique custom jewellery, exquisite in quality, handmade and unique in every way.

Our unique keepsake jewellery captures your special items in resin, and transforms them into a bespoke keepsake piece to be treasured for always. These beautifully presented and custom made gifts are an ideal and unique gift idea for you or your loved one to enjoy.

Items Preserved in Handmade Custom Jewellery

Shpangle Jewellery are proud to offer a custom made jewellery service which allows you to specify your own requirements and have your very own personalised and unique keepsake jewellery. We can preserve most items and work with you throughout the design process to ensure you have the perfect gift or keepsake for your needs. Our service is second to none and each piece is truly special and unique.

Preserved daisy flower bracelet

Almost anything can be preserved. From flowers, locks of hair, pictures, that special piece of fabric, to trinkets and memorabilia from a special occasion, your memories are captured and preserved for your enjoyment and pleasure for years to come.

Please contact us to find out more about having an item preserved in our handmade keepsake jewellery.

Lock of Hair Preserved in Jewellery

A unique and memorable keepsake gift of keeping your special memories close to you always. Your child, pet or loved ones lock of hair preserved forever into a unique piece of handmade custom jewellery.

Lock of hair jewellery

We provide a unique and memorable way of preserving the lock of hair so that you can keep it with you always.

To find out more and how to order our hair keepsake jewellery, please read our Lock of Hair article.

Keepsake Jewellery for Ashes

Losing someone special is always hard. Having a special momentum of them with you can help you feel close to them always. If you have ashes of your loved one, these can be embraced in pieces of jewellery and paperweights to preserve the memory of that special person in a beautiful, timeless, and personal way. Wrapped in love, and always special for you.

Keepsake Jewellery for Ashes

Further information about our keepsake jewellery and paperweights for ashes, including ordering details can be found on our Jewellery for Ashes article.

Wedding Keepsakes Preserved in Jewellery

We provide a unique and perfect way to capture and preserve those special wedding items and memories of the big day. From confetti used at the ceremony, table confetti used at the reception, to flowers from the bouquet, ribbon or wedding favours, we can help you preserve those most treasured memories, in a unique way that can only be described as one of a kind.

Wedding Keepsakes Jewellery

It is the perfect way to have that special keepsake for you, your friends and your family to remind them of the special memories captured on the day. It is a truly personalised service to suit your needs.

To find out more, please read our Wedding Keepsakes article.

Pet Keepsake Jewellery and Horse Hair Jewellery

The perfect keepsake for your pet, being able to carry a part of your cherished pet with you, as a keepsake to the time and memories you and your pet had together. Our pet keepsake jewellery and horse hair jewellery will allow you to carry a part of your pets hair or fur with you or to keep as a reminder of the happiness you had together.

Horsehair Jewellery

Our bespoke jewellery can capture your pets hair or fur as a keepsake to be treasured forever. Whether it is an item of our popular Horse hair Jewellery, or another pet such as a dog or cat, we will create an item of jewellery personal to you.

To find out more, please read our Pet Keepsake article.

Custom Made Paperweights

Our custom made paperweights have been designed to complement our keepsake jewellery by providing an alternative way of preserving a special item or memory.

Custom Made Paperweight

Each paperweight is handmade to your requirements and offers a truly bespoke way of capturing the special items inside.

Further information about our personalised paperweights including ordering details can be found on our Custom Made Paperweights website page.

Real Flower Jewellery

A unique gift of a real pressed or dried flower preserved forever in handmade custom jewellery. Each piece of our real flower jewellery is entirely unique and the flowers have been pressed from our own garden. Alternatively we can preserve your own real flowers from a special occasion into a piece of jewellery that will be treasured forever.

Real Flower Jewellery

To find out how to order a custom made piece of real flower jewellery or to have flowers preserved within a paperweight, please visit our Real Flower Jewellery website page.


Keepsake Jewellery
Personalised Jewellery
Name on Rice Jewellery

A unique and unusual keepsake gift of having a name or message written onto a single grain of rice. Whether it is a present for a loved one or a treat for yourself,  name on a grain of rice jewellery will make the perfect gift.

Name on rice jewellery

To find out more about the art of rice writing or to purchase a name written on a grain, please visit our Name on Rice Jewellery  page.
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